Short Size Rectangular LED Mirror
Short Size Rectangular LED Mirror

Short Rectangular LED Mirror

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Introducing the Short Rectangular LED Mirror by Glassonomic, a sleek addition to any space that promises unparalleled clarity and elegance. Crafted with precision, this LED Mirror is designed to elevate your grooming experience to new heights.

Illuminate your reflection with its built-in lights, providing optimal visibility for your daily rituals. With HiLight Company Light technology, expect nothing less than a crystal-clear HD View every time you glance into the mirror. Whether you're a discerning homeowner, a luxury spa aficionado, or a bustling mall proprietor, this mirror caters to your need for sophistication and functionality.

Available in 18" X 24" and 24" X 36" dimensions, in both White and Warm-White hues, this mirror seamlessly integrates into any environment. Hang it with ease in your bathroom or on any wall, guided by its intuitive Touch Sensor functionality. Plus, its backlit feature adds a touch of ambiance to your space, transforming mundane grooming routines into moments of indulgence.

Crafted with top-tier materials and backed by a 2-year warranty, the Short Rectangular LED Mirror assures longevity and peace of mind. And with a starting price of just 3000 INR, it's a steal for those seeking quality without compromise.

Join countless satisfied customers who rave about its performance and value for money. Don't miss out—Buy Now and see yourself in a whole new light with Glassonomic's LED Mirror!

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